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Leica Neoprén túra nyakpánt fekete - M méret

9.147.262 Ft + ÁFA ( 11.617.023 Ft )
Cikkszám: 42064
Gyártó: Leica
size M for Trinovid and Ultravid series


Originally available only with their Trinovid HD's, but now offered here for everyone, Leica's medium-size Binocular Adventure Strap is a unique harness system that can be configured multiple ways to more easily carry and handle your favorite optic, while also doubling as a soft carrying bag to protect the binocular when not in use. This model is designed to hold medium-size binoculars, and can be used on most similarly sized binoculars. Made of neoprene it is water and dirt-repellent, and helps to protect your binocular from the elements as well as bumps and impacts. It can be configured as a conventional padded neck strap, as a shoulder harness that transfers the weight off the neck to relieve neck strain, or as a waist belt.