Leica Q2 "Ghost" by HODINKEE camera
Leica Q2 "Ghost" by HODINKEE camera
6 300 EUR

Leica Q2 "Ghost" by HODINKEE camera

Leica Q2 "Ghost" by HODINKEE camera
Leica Q2 "Ghost" by HODINKEE camera
Leica Q2 "Ghost" by HODINKEE camera
Leica Q2 "Ghost" by HODINKEE camera
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6 300 EUR
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In 2019, we designed the Leica M10-P "Ghost" in cooperation with Hodinkee. Building on our successful collaboration with this leading luxury watch platform, we now introduce a special edition of the Leica Q2: the Leica Q2 "Ghost" by Hodinkee.

The Leica Q2 "Ghost" by Hodinkee pays homage to an iconic diving watch known to connoisseurs as the "Ghost Bezel". This legendary classic watch, with its very rare bezel, served as an inspiration for the elegant and subtle colour scheme of this special edition Leica Q2. The combined passion of two companies with a century-old tradition of developing precision tools to capture and measure time.

The Leica Q2 "Ghost" by Hodinkee features a grey, fine cowhide leather with a natural texture and matching light grey lacquered lens and case. It deliberately avoids the red Leica logo. Its carrying strap is woven from grey yarn with a stable key-ring binding to complete the stylish look of this special edition, which is technically identical the standard Q2 model.

Leica Q2

Accept nothing but perfection

Expand your creative potential

New 47.3 mp sensor and extended digital zoom

The Leica Q2 features a newly developed 47.3 megapixel full frame sensor that captures both richly-detailed still pictures and 4K video in brilliant quality at ISO sensitivities up to 50,000.

The combination of the fastest lens in its class and the high sensor resolution expands the flexibility available for subject composition and, thanks to the integrated digital zoom function, also enables you to choose subject framing corresponding to focal lengths of 28, 35, 50, and 75 mm while always preserving the original 47.3 megapixel resolution image from the full sensor in DNG raw format.

Brave the elements

Get the shot every time, anywhere

The Leica Q2 is the only camera in its class to feature IP52* protective sealing against dust and spraywater. This means that it can brave even unfavourable conditions with ease. Shoot without fear and pay attention to what really matters – getting the perfect picture.

*Ingress Protection, class 52: Protected against dust in damaging quantities. Protected against dripping water when body is tilted at 15°. 

One lens, limitless potential

Primed for perfection, day or night

The fast maximum aperture of f/1.7 is ideal for capturing the world with your subject standing out in incredible sharpness while the background blurs into a beautiful void, and guarantees you outstanding imaging performance in even the most difficult lighting situations.

With its digital zoom of up to 75 mm, the Leica Q2 can make a perfect companion for street photography as well as shooting architecture, landscapes, and portraits. 

A simple turn of the integrated macro mode dial on the lens quickly pulls the Leica Q2’s close-focus distance down to just 17 cm to capture close-up shots with razor sharp precision, while right beside it is a locking focus ring for instantaneous switching between manual and auto focus modes.

A clear view at all times

With the new OLED viewfinder

The newly developed, high-resolution OLED viewfinder has a resolution of 3.68 megapixels. The high resolution provides an ideal view and live preview of your subject at all times, with improved image depth and higher contrast. Surpassing the previous generation’s LCD EVF technology, the brightness of each individual pixel in the OLED viewfinder of the Q2 is independently controlled – yielding improved contrast and color depth. Power consumption remains low even with the strength of the high-resolution EVF. 

The viewfinder is activated as soon as the camera is brought up to the eye and shows the subject reliably and without any perceptible delays. The new Leica Q2 also offers a unique and intuitive handling concept, such as its redesigned push-button diopter setting dial on the back of the camera that prevents inadvertent shifting of the compensation value.

High speed performance

Capture fleeting moments with unparalleled precision

To ensure you never miss a treasured moment, the Leica Q2 boasts an autofocus system that sharply focuses on your subject in 0.15 seconds, the fastest in its class.  With its high-speed burst shooting rate of an impressive 10 frames per second at the full resolution of 47.3 MP, the Leica Q2 is built to capture what you want, whenever you need.

Push your creativity beyond still-images

With the new 4k video function

The combination of the excellent Leica Summilux lens and the ability to capture video with 4K resolution unlocks new creative perspectives. For brilliant, true-to-life moving pictures, the new Leica Q2 offers a 4K video mode with 3840 x 2160 pixels and frame rates of 30 or 24 frames per second. Alternatively, video footage can also be captured in the familiar full-HD format with 120, 60, 30, or 24 frames per second.

Stay connected

With the new Leica FOTOS App

The new Leica Q2 features energy-saving Bluetooth connectivity for fast, wireless connection. After setting it up for the first time, this connection is automatically saved and remains available when the camera is switched off and on again. In combination with the Leica FOTOS App, this makes it possible to quickly and easily share pictures with the whole world on social media at any time, change numerous camera settings from a smartphone, or even remotely control the shutter release of the Leica Q2.

Made in Germany

A tradition of excellence

Reduction to the essentials while fully exploiting all available potentials: the new Leica Q2 is fully committed to the principle of uniting the top-level quality and fundamental functionality.

Only the highest quality materials are used in its construction to ensure maximum endurance and a long service life. The camera body is made from magnesium and offers a confident and rugged, yet exquisite, feel.

Classic form meets innovative function

Elegance in design and handling

The New Leica Q2 features a distinctive thumb rest paired with a sophisticated diamond pattern leather trim to ensure optimum grip and a quintessential elegant charm.

In contrast to the Leica Q, and following the design language established by the Leica M10, the new shutter release button of the Q2 solely controls the camera’s On/Off setting – giving users a confident feel and satisfying haptic feedback that helps keep them in tune with their camera.

130 x 80 x 93 mm
Leica design, strong construction, very light frame made of magnesium and aluminum with two carrying strap lugs; ISO accessory rail with center and control contacts for flashes
mechanical and electronic
automatic, SO 50, ISO 100, ISO 200, ISO 400, ISO 800, ISO 1600, ISO 3200, ISO 6400, ISO 12500, ISO 25000, ISO 50000
File format
DNG és JPEG, JPEG; Video: MP4, Audio: AAC
Light measurement
Mode: multi-field, medium-weight, spot
Leica Summilux 28 mm f 1.7 ASPH., 11 lenses in 9 groups, 3 aspherical lenses
automatic (autofocus) and manual focusing with image detail enlargement or color marking (Focus Peaking), contrast-based autofocus system, Autofocus detection mode: single-field (adjustable), multi-field, face detection, subject tracking, optional settings, shutter release by touching the monitor
White balance
automatic, settings: sunlight, cloudy, halogen lighting, shadow, flash, two manual settings with measurement, manual color temperature setting
Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® (free download of 90-day license after camera registration), Leica App for iOSR (free download of remote control, image transfer: Apple® App-Store®/Google® Play Store®)
Conforming to JIS X 6319-4 standard / 13.56MHz
Exposure modes
Aperture Burst: three shots with up to 3 exposures in 1/3 EV increments
Photo resolution
DNG/JPEG resolution: 46.7MP (8368x5584 pixels)
Exposure modes
automatic program, aperture priority, shutter speed priority and manual settings
Exposure compensation
±3 exposure values ​​(EV) in 1/3EV steps
Electronic viewfinder: electronic LCOS display, resolution: 1280x960 pixels per 3 colors (3.68 MP), aspect ratio: 4:3, ±3 diopter correction, automatic switching between viewfinder and monitor with eye sensor
User-friendly shutter speed adjustment. Shutter speed: between 60 and 1/2000 sec mechanically, between 1 and 1/40000 sec electronically with 1/3 EV steps; flash sync up to 1/500 sec shutter speed
Leica BP-DC12
Weight (g)
Aspect ratio
24 x 36 mm, 2:3
Aperture preselection
Filter size
CMOS sensor, 50.4 / 47.3 million (total/effective) pixels
In the box
camera, strap, lens hood, cover for hotshoe, battery (Leica BP-SCL4), charger, mains cherger (EU, US, local), USB cable
Shutter speed preselection
Tartomány: f1,7 és f16 között 1/3 fényérték fokozatokkal, Csatlakozás: E49
Manufacturer's warranty
2 years manufacturer's warranty
Article No.
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